Asiana award acceptance video

I received the notification of our award and with the Korean-Euro time difference, had barely a few hours to make an acceptance video. By  complete chance I was at the location in Spain writing a new film. A few emails whizzed around europe calling for some quick ‘acceptance to camera’ shots.  Shane Zaza was in a London play, Francesca Binefa (actress) was on a night out, DP Graeme was shooting a commercial in Romania and Cato was composing in his London Studio. Within an hour the mobile phone footage was flying back in. Four hours later it was edited and sent to Korea where it was shown to the international delegation at the awards ceremony.

Half a year later at Cannes I met the Cultural attache to the French Embassy in Korea. He was at the award ceremony in Korea and remembered the acceptance video well – it was apparently received with great warmth!

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