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Ryan Air Lets go inflight magazine has published an article about how the location for the short film Love at First Sight was found by the film’s director Mark Playne.

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Here is the text from the Ryanair story….
En el magazine Let’s Go with Ryanair de febrero aparece nuestro Casco Antiguo en el relato donde el director Mark Playne nos cuenta cómo se enamoró de nuestro barrio para rodar su “Amor a primera vista”.L is for… LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT
As soon as British film-maker Mark Playne arrived in Villajoyosa, ‘the town of Joy’, in southern Spain, he knew he had to shoot here. The result is the multi-award-winning short fi lm Love at First Sight, due for release on iTunes on – you guessed it – Valentine’s Day.
“I had this perfect village in mind. I was looking for narrow streets adorned with wrought-iron balconies, the perfect location for a Romeo-and-Juliet romance. But, when I hadn’t found my dream Spanish location after almost two is for… LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT years of hunting, I figured we’d just have to shoot in Madrid.
I was driving to Barcelona to meet Graeme, my director of photography, who was filming an Italian biscuit commercial there. A few hours into my seven-hour journey across Spain, I realised I’d forgotten to send an email and needed a wi-fi connection. Suddenly, I spotted a sign for Villajoyosa, ‘the town of Joy’.
I found a wi-fi cafe on the beach and sent my email, then, knowing it would be colder further north, this being the end of October, I decided to take one last swim in the gorgeously warm sea, even though it was already dark. From the water, I looked back towards land and, to my surprise, saw a large church rising from the most beautiful collection of houses that tumbled over each other, lining the beach. I threw my clothes back on and, within minutes, I was exploring the narrow, cobblestone streets. Not only was every window adorned with a wrought-iron balcony, each building was painted in a different, bright colour. I was in love.
I tore up my photos of the location in Madrid and rented an apartment in Villajoyosa. Two months later the cast and crew turned up and we shot Love at First Sight over just three-and-a-half days. I only left 18 months later, when the film had taken off internationally and I needed to be in the UK and elsewhere to attend film festivals. I was heartbroken to leave, and still hope to return and live there again one day.”
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