Love at First Sight – the short film

Love at First Sight the multi-award-winning short film by Mark Playne, is the heart-warming story of a lonely young man’s increasingly creative attempts to attract the attention of the girl of his dreams.

A gentle film of hope and optimism.

The story is told without dialogue, subtitles or dialogue caption cards. It is free from all forms of written and spoken language.

Mark Playne wrote and directed the film using three styles of direction with the cast. Trained actors ‘playing to script’ – first timers from the street playing themselves using a directing technique of ‘reaction to action’ –  ‘hidden camera’ and ‘fly on the wall’ documentary shots of people and animals being themselves going about their daily business in the town.

We are incredibly proud that Love at First Sight has now played at over 200 International Film Festivals – spanning all the continents except Antarctica.

The film has won 76 awards across 6 of the world’s continents including the Audience award at Newport Beach California, the Shin Young Kyun Arts award at Asiana Film festival in Korea and best Debut film at Rutger Hauer’s I’ve seen Films film festival in Italy. Love at First Sight was a finalist at the Shot on RED 4k festival in Hollywood and nominated the best comedy short at the huge Shanghai International Film festival China. The film was also featured inflight as Korea’s International Asiana Airline’s short of the month in March 2013.

Love at First Sight the short film premiered at the prestigious Palm Springs International Short Film festival in California. It was recut loosing 15% in the trim and finally finished in January 2012 with brand-new music tracks mixed in Bollywood by the Indian National Award (Indian version of BAFTA or OSCAR) winning Sinoy Joseph. The new cut, re-grade and super 5.1 mix premiered at the Jaipur International film festival on 29th Jan 2012.

Love at First Sight qualified for the Oscars as well as BAFTA consideration, but did not make it as far as the nominations.

The team behind Love at First Sight the short film are busy with their next films.

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Festival programmers – we’d also love any more screening opportunities worldwide however big or small, but most especially if you based in the Antarctic!

Love at First Sight the short film  is available to screen in 4K DCP, 2K DCP, 35mm, HDCAM, BLU-RAY and DVD as well as HD files available via Vimeo or hard-disk with either a terrific 5.1 sound track or good ol’ stereo.

We have signed to Shorts International who have snapped up the worldwide rights for Love at First Sight. The film is now available on iTunes.



Core team: Mark Playne – Cato Hoeben – Graeme Dunn – Sinoy Joseph – Olivia Chisci – Jude Campbell

Core Actors: Shane Zaza – Francesca Binefa

Location: Villa Joyosa near Alicante Spain



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