Name and role

Mark Playne

'Love at First Sight' is his debut film, which was produced independently.
He is currently developing 2 feature scripts.
The 1st is based in Morocco – a story based around one of the greatest injustices and issues of moral concern facing Europe.
The 2nd second in India - a country in which Mark has spent a large amount of time and adores.
Although Mark is a Brit - his heart has been affected by his many experiences and passions from other cultures – coloured by his own madcap adventures – influences that seep into his work.

Cato Hoeben

Composer & Sound Designer
Cato Hoeben is a film composer who specialises in writing orchestral scores mixed with acoustic instruments and sound-design and has worked on a number of award-winning productions.

Graeme Dunn

Graeme is a 35mm man who has numerous commercials under his belt such as The Mastercard ads and the award winning NSPCC ads. He also shot an excellent film called "Dear Frankie" (8 wins and 5 nominations).

Olivia Chisci

Olivia has been working in the theatre and the film industry for over 5 years. After working in Eliseo the most famous theatre in Rome, Olivia decided to move to London in 2007 to enjoy new challenges as freelance Producer. She started to work in the production for "Baghdad Express" starring Riz Ahmed, and has worked as Production Manager for several different feature films. Olivia produced a touching short film called "Koda" shot by Bryan Loftus BSC, starring Michael Maloney and Jenny Agutter (still in post-production). She is currently producing the powerful short film "Love at First Sight".

Jude Campbell

First Assistant Director
Thanks to his reliability, passion and dedication Jude has worked alongside directors such as Jonathan Gershfield, Sandy Johnson and Ricky Gervais to form a huge list of credits as 1st Assistant Director in the Television and Film Industry.
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